How to contribute ❤️

Do you want to contribute? Anyone who experienced a name or gender change with a company or administration can send information, so it appears on the website. It will help other trans people and put pressure on non-inclusive services, so thanks a lot!

The project team processes all information, and your identity is kept anonymous unless you ask to be credited.

Service details

  • Name of the service
  • Country (if this is not local company or administration)
  • Website URL
  • Brief explanation of what does the service (one or two sentences)

Name changing process

  • When did you try to change your name?
  • Is there any form where you can change your name, gender, or both?
  • If not, when you contacted support did they misgendered you although they had correct information on your gender?
  • Did support first asked you to create a new account? Did they change this recommendation after you insisted?

Legal proof

  • Whether it is support, or an automated form, do they ask you to send an identity proof?
  • If yes, what was the reason given for this? Is an identity proof necessary to register to the service in the first place?
  • Does it have to be an official ID?

Public identity and privacy?

  • Is there a public user id you cannot change without a new account?
  • Are there public comments where you name can appear and which you cannot edit or delete? Are they easy to find for other users?

Your contribution

  • Do you want to be credited? If yes, please indicate:
    • Name or pseudonyme
    • an optional URL (personal website, public Twitter account...)

An email address to contact you if we need more information